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AN INTRANET IS A MINI IN-HOUSE INTERNET MADE OF A COMBINATION OF WEB AND APPLICATION based working environments that administrators and company representatives use every day. Intranets are the base of a modern and effective organization culture.

Intranet originates from the words Intra (inward) + Net. Intranets are private systems intended to debar unapproved access and encourage organization cooperation. They are also called corporate portals, private LANs etc.

The move from an accepted office environment to an electronic wireless or wired intranet will accelerate your organization's work process. This change is similar to overhauling from a bike to an automobile that is more efficient and uses less energy. It is additionally environment friendlier as it will get rid of the requirement for paper to cycle in your organization.



Communication & Productivity Booster

Intranets are utilized for communication and coordination effort between the employees and stakeholders of your organization. Intranets include utilities like forms and bulletin boards, discussion groups as well as the accepted set of business tools which helps in appropriating important data or records among the stakeholders of a corporate establishment or organization.

Intranet Kuwait City will assist you to provide fast channels for employees to get access to data and follow up on it. Access to information from any collaborating team is effortless, guaranteed, better and quicker.


All organizations know the significance of time. Adding an intranet to your business will save time by giving employees faster access to data , as opposed to sending and sitting tight waiting for responses to emails, calls or memos.

Intranets save on printing costs by cutting down on the total amount of paperwork required in an office setting.

Generally, an intranet will lessen costs in all cases, including corporate training, operational and administrative purposes.

Incorporated and Distributed Paperless Environment & Rich in Format

Intranet Kuwait City uses dynamic distribution of data on different systems, also permit data to be conveyed in formats like sound or video. Interactive media projects will utilize an intranet taking into account improved interactivity and faster dispersal of information.

Increases collaboration & lifting up team spirit

By choosing Intranet Kuwait City services for your organization, cooperation will be supported like simple access the organization's information. Likewise data within the intranet like the declaration section, a help desk, FAQ, or an employee handbook help encourage team work.


  • Contact manager/company directory lists employee phones, emails, etc.
  • Internal job postings
  • On board equipment monitoring alerts
  • Project summaries & schedules
  • File sharing
  • Meeting room booking
  • Organizational chart including contacts, images
  • General company info (policies and table of contents and agreements)
  • Messaging system (private messaging)
  • Polls
  • Shared calendar events, and many other features
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E-COMMERCE IS THE SALE OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OVER THE INTERNET. It is a quickest developing sector of our economy. It permits even start-up businesses to achieve a worldwide client base with its message at a negligible expense. Integrating E-Commerce into your website can produce deals that will have an effect in the direction your business takes in regards to its success. Indeed Wal-Mart, the biggest retailer on the planet with one billion dollars in deals for every day, couldn't ignore the expanding wave of Internet business.



  • Reduction in buyer’s sorting out time
  • Better decisions on buying
  • Less time spent resolving invoice & order discrepancies
  • Increased opportunities for buying alternative products


  • Shopping Cart
  • Membership Management
  • Payment gateways
  • Catalogue & product management
  • Printable Invoice
  • Shipping
  • Tax
Seeing is believing, so please visit our portfolio and Lets Start