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    E-Commerce &
    Corporate Solutions

    In this fast-paced economy which is focusing on decreasing unnecessary costs, an e-commerce concept allows even the smallest business to reach the worldwide audience with its product or message at fraction of stone-shop cost. On top of that E-Shops are open 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year!

    GO-Gulf offers different solutions for different clients needs, either you wish to start with a few products and reach later with thousands of products in your shop. GO-Gulf has also compiled regarding e-commerce a several successful studies published on top international servers, please visit our blog.

    Typical E-commerce Modules

    • Shopping Cart
    • Membership Management
    • Bank & Payment Gateway Integration
    • Catalogue & Product Management
    • Custom Search
    • Printable Invoice
    • Shipping
    • Tax

    Why E-commerce? Buyer’s Advantages

    • Reduction in buyer’s sorting out time
    • Better decisions on buying
    • Less time spent resolving invoice & order discrepancies
    • Increased opportunities for buying alternative products

    Web Portals Development

    Web portals becoming increasingly popular as they serve as a single point of access for information, kind of online centers to make quick and accurate business decisions. Apart of huge time saving factor, the GO web portals are interactive, functional and user-friendly to navigate. Some of the benefits to web portals are business efficiency, rapid deployment, increase security, and efficient cooperation.

    Benefits of web portals

    • Anywhere, anytime access
    • Multiple access & Multitasking support
    • Portal members access only
    • Improved communication
    • Easy user customization
    • Instant notifications & Actions
    • Easy community connection
    • Dynamic content changes
    • Secure access point, and many others

    Leads Management & ERP

    To track your leads details and convert them into loyal clients in a systematic and also structured leads management system is vital. It can be integrated with ERP or used as a separate lead management module.

    ERP aims at making the conversion effective and efficient by integrating all the software and applications used by the company. Your ERP software helps update all of the company departments with real time.

    ERP and lead management system benefits you in the following way; by establishing immediate contact with your customers, it's an opportunity for you to show your clients that you are an expert in your field, and its allows you be in constant communication with your new and already established clients.

    Magento Based Development

    Magento is a business system that allows us to create and update online business or e-commerce business. GO-Gulf has an expert team dedicated to building, supporting and improving all Magento based developments.

    Top benefits of Magento

    • Versatile Content Management
    • Mobile-Friendly Configuration
    • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
    • Powerful and Spacious
    • Built-in Up-sells and Cross-sells
    • Easy Third-party Integrations
    • Customize Security Permissions
    • Intelligent Filtered Search For Shoppers
    • A Gigantic Community
    • Saves time and money

    Any queries? We are eager to boost your profit!