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    Do you work for clients abroad? If yes how?

    October 26, 2012

    Yes, we do and very often! Distance is no challenge in today’s virtual world.

    GO-Gulf team is using the latest technologies to bring you the whole process of web development straight to your monitor enabling you to have a real time possibility to review your project in development.

    We provide 24 hour virtual support online by email, phone, chat (Skype, MSN, YIM).

    We follow the same business practice that we use for all our clients:

    • Enquiry
    • Our proposal
    • Your approval
    • 50% down payment
    • The first cut (draft design/project)
    • Your feedback followed by your approval
    • Rework according to your specifications, development & testing
    • Your balance payment followed by the deployment

    We are as effective and responsive as your local team and we would like to show you how even better we are!